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Join us Tonight for First Fridays Revival April 1st!

 Special Guest Pastor Jay Grant, Nikki Grant, Scott Schrader, and Worship By The Wind.

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Cry Now for the Land of Japan

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Chuck Pierce:Cry Now for the Land of JapanWe are crying out for the people in the land of Japan! This is one of the nations that I have regularly visited through the years. Yesterday, we had an amazing prophetic time with Robert and Linda Heidler, Keith Pierce, and Anne Tate making decrees over Japan. LeAnn Squier then sang over the nation. Notice the map below. This is a nation where the belly is trembling.

Prophecies are Being Fulfilled!

In May 2005, I took a team to Japan for a strategic prayer gathering on the northern island of Hokkaido. Hokkaido Island is called the Island of the Spirits – a stronghold of spiritism in both Japan and the 40/70 Window. However, we went there to release a move of the Holy Spirit to overtake Japan. Several weeks before we left I received this word from my brother, Keith Pierce:

"There will be a shaking coming to Japan that will bring them to their knees. This shaking will change the industry of the nation. Japan has been built upon a fault line linked with a deep wounding from the past. This shaking will occur before the apostolic team that I am sending to Japan arrives. When they arrive, I will begin the healing of the fault line and release a new anointing for industries. I am sending you to the people group of that area and they will be humbled in the midst of their pride. Do not fear. I am causing the mountain to be brought down and the valleys to be brought up. I will create a leveling effect in Japan."

Within a few weeks, there was a major shift in their stock market as well as a major train wreck. Now, we see that nation trembling and shaking.

Prophecy Given by Chuck Pierce While in Hokkaido

On May 7, 2005, while we were in Japan on the island of Hokkaido, the Lord said: "This will be the year that Japan changes - one way or another. As I have brought you to the north (of Japan), I will also bring you to the south to gather you. I have been awakening the north wind to blow upon you now. When you gather in the south (Okinawa) and decree the south wind to come forth, you will see a visible swirling of My Spirit in Kobe, Kyoto and Tokyo. There will be a swirling, surrounding wind that overtakes the nation. This is the wind of change.

"I will cause waves to come in such a way that portions of the island are covered with water in the center of this land. This will create a cry that says, 'I must find higher ground.' This is a time of awakening that I am bringing to the northern point (Hokkaido Island). What I awaken here will sweep across the whole nation of Japan.

"The enemy would love to come through the east gate and bring an adverse wind that would change the course of the world. But if you will awaken the north wind in this hour then seeds of revival will begin to flow. My wind will blow open the resistance in governmental people that is set against My plan and devise to constrict My people. My wind will also open up an economic understanding in My people."

We declared, "Awake, O north wind! Awaken the north wind, and cause this garden that has been enclosed by the enemy to open up so that these seeds of harvest will come forth."

We also shared that it will be heard on the news that the nation of Japan is surrounded by wind. This will be a sign that harvest will sweep that nation. At that time I also encouraged the leadership to establish schools of the prophets both on Hokkaido Island (the far north) and Okinawa (the far south) to keep the wind of God blowing and to neutralize the demonic forces that are influencing and holding Japan in captivity.

Now is a time to declare that old religious structures will fall and many will experience the freedom and reality of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Pray for needs to be met. Pray for people to find their new places to live. We are working with Ron Sawka who is an apostolic/prophetic leader who lives north of Tokyo near the earthquake epicenter. Any gifts for Japan will be sent directly to his ministry (Arise International). Below is a map of the earthquakes and aftershocks that have rocked Japan this past week that reflects the ongoing shaking.

New Positioning and Timing!

Below is a news update which shares how the earthquake has literally shifted the location of Japan. The article also shares how this has changed the earth's rotation and literally shortened the time of each day. With the shift of Japan towards the east, they are now seeing the light sooner each day! Additionally, time is "speeding up" and everyone's days are getting shorter (not just those living in Japan). As "time" changes, pray that no one delays responding to the Lord and the move of His Spirit.










Quake Pushes Japan Eight Feet

Posted on: Monday, 14 March 2011, 06:05 CDT

The US Geological Survey (USGS) claims the Friday's 8.9 magnitude quake along the northern coast of Japan has moved the island nation eastward by an estimated 8 feet. The tectonic shift was a result of "thrust faulting" along the boundary of the Pacific and North America plates, according to Paul Earle of the USGS. The North American plate is pushed by the Pacific plate at the rate of about 3.3 inches per year, however an earthquake large enough can provide a shove that is able to displace the plates with dramatic results. Similar movements had been recorded for the recent Indonesian and Chilean earthquakes, Earle continued.

NASA scientist Richard Gross reported that the earth's rotation was also affected. Initial estimates show the rotation of the planet has shortened by approximately 1.8 microseconds (a microsecond is one millionth of a second), and also shifted Earth's figure axis by about 6.5 inches. These are not time scales that would be noticeable by people but can be read by satellites, Gross told CBS News.

Finally, here is a note from Oziel and Rebecca Puente, Sr., one of our Houses of Zion in south Texas:

My wife and I are just watching this morning's service. During the prayer for the nation of Japan, the Lord showed me the following. Japan is referred to as the "Land of The Rising Sun." We are praying that they will turn their faces towards the Lord and will wave a new banner over Japan as "The Land of the Risen Son."

Chuck Pierce

Glory of Zion International Ministries

The Net

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The Net

By Bob Jones

In a vision I saw a fishing net and it was completely full of large fish. The net had a hole in it and the fish escaped. Then I was shown a tool that would be used to mend the net. It was a special type of tool that the Lord was giving to some of His approved leaders of the church. This tool was for networking!

If you’re going to be part of the harvest, several churches will need to come together; laying down their private agenda and surrender to God’s eternal purpose. One church will not be able to hold all the fish. It will take several that network together who allow the Holy Spirit to lead them into one of the greatest harvest we have ever seen.

I believe this vision is Peter’s net. The 153 fish in Peter’s net represent the nations of the world and the Lord had Israel on the spit. There were 154 nations in the world at that time.

John 21:8-11 But the other disciples came in the little boat (for they were not far from land, but about two hundred cubits), dragging the net with fish. 9 Then, as soon as they had come to land, they saw a fire of coals there, and fish laid on it, and bread. 10 Jesus said to them, “Bring some of the fish which you have just caught.”

11 Simon Peter went up and dragged the net to land, full of large fish, one hundred and fifty-three; and although there were so many, the net was not broken.

This net is for the nations. It’s time we ask the Lord to give us the nations!

Ps 2:8 Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession.

We will need to be joined together in spirit not in mind or soul. We will need to become servants to the Holy Spirit to pull this net in.


A Word About Christ church

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Ching Co:A Word About Christ church

Not an Accident But Parallel Revolution Taking Place in the Heavenlies

In the recent days, all eyes have been focused on the many disturbing events unfolding before us around the world. Like me, I believe many Christians are also asking our Heavenly Father for the spiritual significance of these events. Please allow me to share the impressions that I received regarding these matters.

Ephesians 1:9-10: He (God and Father) made known to us the mystery of His will according to His good pleasure, which He purposed in Christ, to be put into effect when the times will have reached their fulfillment – to bring all things in Heaven and on earth together under one head, even Christ.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-3, 7, 14: There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heavens... a time to plant and a time to uproot... a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak... a time for war and a time for peace. I know that everything God does will endure forever; nothing can be added to it and nothing taken from it. God does it so that men will revere Him.

God is preparing the way for a new move of His Spirit. To accomplish this He has to uproot every authority (whether a leader or an organization) that stands in the way of His plans. The political upheavals taking place in the Middle East and the destruction of the Cathedral which was a landmark in Christchurch, New Zealand – are symbols and a warning to us that God means business and that our God reigns. He is in full control of all things that are happening around us right now.

Modern Day Ezra, King Cyrus and King Darius will Arise

When God was ready to rebuild His temple in Jerusalem after the long years of exile of the Israelites, He stirred up the heart of Ezra and the people and even the heathen kings at that time so that God's plans to rebuild His temple in Jerusalem would start. So in the same way for the past years, the Lord had been calling His people to rebuild their individual temples (our hearts ). He's called us to draw near to Him, to humble ourselves before Him, to seek His will for us and to follow where He will lead us.

Many of His children have hearkened to that call and have determined in their hearts to follow the Lord and do what He tells them. In the process of doing so, many gave up prosperous jobs, businesses, ministries, or redirected their future plans to follow God's call, even if it meant going on a wilderness journey with God. These are the modern day Ezras whom God has chosen to be a part of His new move.

Right now, you may seem like a nobody with nothing to show for yourself. But you never gave up on that vision which God has planted in your heart. Like Ezra, you have cried, mourned and wrestled with the Lord in the past years, waiting and watching for the time that God would come to your aid.

Fear not for that time is near. When the time is right, you will find the Lord opening the way for you. He is at present preparing the structure and when all is set, you will find modern day King Cyrus and King Darius sent by the Lord to provide for you and to help fulfill the visions He has given you.

Face of the Coming Anointing

The face of the coming move of God will be different from what we have heard or experienced before. This new move will be a MARKETPLACE ANOINTING. It means that it will not be limited to certain places or type of settings or a particular person or organization. But rather, for every person or group who continually seek God for His plans and are diligently following God will suddenly find themselves immersed in that anointing. There will be no boundaries to this anointing, nor will there be any specific grouping. It will go beyond the churches of God. It will cover many areas of life. God intends to reclaim His Kingdom, totally.

People from many sectors have been chosen to become the modern day Nehemiahs. Nehemiah led in the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. God has chosen people to rebuild the many facets of His Kingdom. Even today there are many modern day Nehemiahs already called by God. They have received instructions and visions from the Lord, teaching them how to improve on their current works so that God's heart will be carried out.

Justice, righteousness, love for the poor, reaching out to the widows, arts to influence our young people, godly governance and many other facets of God's plans have already been planted in the hearts of His people. All they need to do is to see these executed in FULL MEASURE SO THAT THE WORLD WILL TAKE NOTICE AND GOD'S NAME WILL BE REVERED AGAIN.

The season has started, all the works that you have sown for God's Kingdom through the years will soon be made known to men. Take heart, for as you have sown with tears, you will soon reap with joy (Psalm 126:5).

Watch and wait, for the battle indeed belongs to God. Be faithful with what you can do and He will take care of the rest.

Pray this prayer with me:

Dearest Father, oh we cry out to You for our nations. They lie in ruin in many areas. Forgive us for our complacency. Stir up our hearts once again, so that we can feel Your heart's cry. Open our eyes so that we will see what You've seen. Give us Your wisdom, courage and boldness so that we will once more stir our nations toward You.

Help us, Holy Spirit. We need Your anointing and we need Your infilling. Shake us, shape us, and send us where we are needed. We long for You, O Holy Spirit. Come and burn our hearts once more with Holy Fire. Jesus, dear Jesus, help us to be partakers of all the intercession. You have done on our behalf. Forgive us for our unfaithfulness and draw us near to You again. We long to do Your will. Help us as we pray. Amen.

Ching Co

Cebu City, Philippines

Kim Clement:The Year of Exploits

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Kim Clement:The Year of Exploits

Dear Warriors,

The Beatitudes have influenced me in a huge way, being the stepping-stone to the Sermon on the Mount. Love your kinsmen, that's easy, but He said, "Love your enemies." Now we're talking! It's literally impossible without a special grace. Forgiving your enemies is difficult enough. But the idea of our enemies being stepping-stones to our destiny, and forgiveness being the action that moves us there, became apparent to me as I considered that these enemies were becoming my bedfellows. So, do we see the dynamic in the demonic?

After 33 years of consecrated service to the Jehovah of ages, the Everlasting Elohim, I can "see" the dynamic, not the demonic. It's not easy, you know. I see the grapes, not the giants now, the spoil not the toil. Our enemy wants us to remain "song-less" because of the affliction placed upon us, but the fact is that my most beautiful songs are born out of pain, seeing that our Creator gives us songs in the night, our lips are being tuned to the melody of Heaven.

Every arrow of guilt, which satan might shoot at us, is broken, for who can lay anything to the charge of God's elect? Vain are the sharp swords of internal infernal malice and the perpetual battles of the serpent seed. Does it not say that in the midst of the Church the lame take the prey and the feeblest warriors are crowned? Failure is critical to success. Absence of war = absence of heroes.

I'm just sharing my heart with you today. I can only share what I've experienced and learned on this prophetic journey. At 11 years of age, I wanted to be wealthy and to have a fortune. I would've killed for it, but now that I am old(er), and having tasted its dastardliness, I hide from its judges. I've not entered the race; in fact, I run from it. Everyone desires fortune, and at times it is assisted, but fame is earned. Have you observed how fame, in the wrong hands, always goes to extremes? Horrible monsters or brilliant prodigies.

I can only imagine your journey. Each one is different. Hopefully when I share my own "pain to gain to reign" stories, you are strengthened on your journey. The popular saying goes, "What you SEE you BE." Jacob had a problem when he started his journey. His brother hated him and wanted him dead. Jacob had to leave his home in a hurry and stopped in a desert place to rest. He had no pillow so he used a stone to rest his head. Have you ever been in that place? Of course you have – in different circumstances.

During the night, God gives him a dream and declares what is INSIDE of Jacob. ISRAEL is inside of Jacob. Israel is Prince with God. God had to draw the Israel out of Jacob, so He began with a revelation. Jacob woke up, and everything changed from that point onward: his perception, his attitude and then finally his words. Jacob began to prophesy to his pain. He called that same place of pain by its rightful name – Bethel. "This is none other than the HOUSE OF GOD!" You must remember, the very place that he had laid his head to rest was the land that God had promised him.

We learned a lot about Israel's beginning. Just recently I was meditating on Jacob's story. God protected Jacob because Jacob had Israel (God's chosen) inside of him. God was protecting His future – His destiny. God protects you when you carry destiny and you allow Him to guide you on the journey. He found Jacob in a desert land, and in the howling waste of the wilderness; He encircled him, He cared for him, and He kept him as the apple of His eye.

As I shared on New Year's Eve 2010, we have the capability as the people of God, to do EXPLOITS in His name. I proceeded to share some of God's greatest exploits through Jesus. We seem to focus on supernatural manifestations as great exploits, but do we ever really think about the exploits that do not require supernatural intervention, but simple courage, sacrifice and intestinal fortitude?

The Human Exploits of Jesus Christ

These are the human exploits of Jesus Christ:

1. He humbled Himself unto death

2. He was obedient unto death

3. He dined with sinners – said no to sin, but yes to sinners

4. He rejected a rich young ruler

5. He publicly withstood the Pharisees and Sadducees

6. He broke religious man-made laws

7. He stood alongside the woman caught in adultery and withstood the hypocrisy of the men

8. He touched a leper

(No longer would God teach the leper his leprosy by setting him at a distance, but He Himself suffered the penalty of the leper's defilement. Jesus touched the leper. This unclean person had broken through the regulations of the ceremonial law and pressed into the house. But Jesus, instead of judging the leper, broke through the law Himself in order to meet Him. He made an interchange with the leper because while He cleansed him, Jesus contracted a Levitical defilement through that touch. He took the sickness upon His Body.)

9. He loved children and let them near Him

10. He was sensitive to the needs of poor and rich alike

The woman with the issue of blood did something with fear of being judged and condemned. She drew near and touched His robe. Jesus immediately replied, "Somebody touched Me."

What is the one thing that stops people from doing an exploit? Fear of failure and fear of conflict or war. Failure is critical to success! As I said before, absence of war = absence of heroes. Determine to do something courageous every day. Your sacrifice will catch the attention of Heaven and Earth. Once you see the dynamic, and not the demonic, you will find your journey far more enjoyable. See the spoil and ignore the toil.

Kim Clement


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We Are Facing Unprecedented Change and Transition

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Mark Chironna:

We Are Facing Unprecedented Change and Transition


As we continue to press forward in this new decade, having crossed a threshold from warring for survival to warring for inheritance, we now face the battle for possession of inheritance in this generation. Each of the generations of the Body of Christ alive at this moment on the planet are facing unprecedented change and transition.

Things are unfolding; yet at the same time the need for perseverance is more essential now than ever. Each generation is processing different issues within this time of transition. It isn't simply the prophetic voices amongst the elect that are sensing transition; secular voices are also uttering the same thing, not aware that they are speaking God's intentions as we move forward.

New Wine in the Marketplace

It is as it was in the days of Joshua when the spies were sent to spy out Jericho. Upon arrival in the city they chose to seek refuge in the house of Rahab the harlot, which was part of a divine strategy, and was a wise choice on the part of the spies. The irony lay in the fact that Rahab the harlot knew more about what was going to unfold for the elect – more than the elect did themselves. The Spirit is moving in places that the Church has yet to enter. For that reason, there are many God has sent into the marketplace to "spy out the land."

While some seek to hold to the comfort zone of the wilderness, there is a generation rising on the planet that has heard a clarion call:

There is new wine and it is found in the cluster. That cluster is not in our comfort zone; it is in the zone of convergence and confluence in apportioned spheres and measures out in the marketplace where lost souls like Rahab are tapping into the need for new wine and are already prepared to identify with the God of Israel. With the new wine of necessity there will begin to emerge the talk of a new wineskin.

A new day of the Spirit is dawning, and we are transitioning towards a new awakening. While it will have all the necessary components of that which happens when God is released to move, it will not be a repeat of the old wine, nor will the old wineskin serve to handle the potency of the new wine.

Hold On and Persevere - A New Day is Dawning

The Church is in the midst of a transitional period, feeling the unrest of not being completely out of transition, yet wanting it to end quickly. The Spirit is inviting us to hold on and persevere. There are major challenges within the rank and file of the elect that are being faced as it relates to the authority of Scripture, the work of the Cross, the work of the Holy Spirit, the power of the resurrection, the mystery of the Kingdom, and much more.

However, there will be a greater falling away than what we have already seen. The dividing lines are being drawn at even greater levels. While the lines are being drawn, the elect are being tested in more ways than they have anticipated. It is to the elect that the Spirit is saying, "Hold fast to your confession – stay the course."

The Spirit is testifying that a new day is dawning. The stage of the world is being set for a fullness of a harvest and a genuine apostolic reformation in a new way. It will behoove apostolic and prophetic leaders from all the various streams to come together and speak to one another in order to truly come to terms with what it means to be apostolic and prophetic, and what genuine reformation is all about, which is nothing less than radical.

Whether things present or things to come, life or death, Paul says they all belong to the elect and the elect belong to Christ and Christ belongs to God. There is an order that is unfolding related to the elect that is essential if the "many-membered man," the one new man of Ephesians 4, is to come to the measure of the stature of the fullness that belongs to Christ.

There will once again be heard in the land the cry of Jeremiah for "the burden of the Lord." There will also be the evident hand of favor on those who hearken to the voice of the Spirit, and like Daniel, make the most of the moment they find themselves in within a pagan culture. The earmarks of the Presence of the Spirit with all His gifts and endowments will be present in a way that the elect have not fully anticipated.

The Spirit is already softening up the secular culture to the Person and Presence of Jesus Himself, even while the culture is growing disillusioned with those in the Church who have not been relevant to the times and to the Gospel. Unprecedented opportunities will manifest in this hour of unprecedented change and transition.

The Move will be Great as well as Terrible!

A major global shaking by the Voice of the Lord is coming in the next few years as prophesied by Haggai, and there will be cosmic disturbances that will have profound effects on the cycles of nature. There will indeed be signs in the heavens and wonders in the earth. There is a new day coming, a day of the Spirit, yet the Church of necessity is to hold fast, because she is enduring an essential crucifixion for the sake of an "out-resurrection" from dead things which do not serve the eternal purpose.

The water of the Word will become the Wine of the Spirit in the coming days in both power and potency, and will be delivered to the masses not by celebrities, but by a Kingdom culture of servants who lead the way. Where He is, there will His servants be!

The move will be "great" as well as "terrible!" The shift we are experiencing is as radical as the shift that took place after the invention of the Gutenberg Press and the Copernican Revolution that challenged the false view of the Church that the sun revolved around the earth. These are radical days, requiring a radical Christ and a radical Church.

There are the Josephs and the Daniels that are being shaped for a confluence of events and a convergence of gifts and callings for a culture that has lost its moorings. Within the meeting place, there are apostolic and prophetic leaders that will function like Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea, who will prepare the BODY for transition from burial to resurrection! A new apprehension of the power of the CROSS is coming to the earth – through a Body that has been and is being PREPARED!

Dr. Mark J. Chironna

Mark Chironna Ministries



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SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns -- 1/12/11:

That which has remained hidden in obscurity or in uncertainty will now come to light so that you can see clearly the path ahead of you. There will be no more guessing or assumptions or presumption, and the fear and dread can now be eradicated. You will now have the opportunity to know the reality of your circumstances and act accordingly, says the Lord.

Psalms 119:39 Turn away my reproach which I dread, for Your judgments are good.

All aboard the Ark Hotel! Giant biosphere is a 'self-contained haven' in event of climate change flood disaster

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All aboard the Ark Hotel! Giant biosphere is a 'self-contained haven' in event of climate change flood disaster



It looks like a cross between Noah's Ark and something out of a 1970s science-fiction film.

The futuristic Ark Hotel has been designed to withstand floods caused by rising sea levels.

The floating behemoth is a 'biosphere' conceived as a safe, self-contained haven in case of disaster.

Boasting a green, self-sustaining environment for guests, the shell-shaped hotel would withstand tidal waves and other natural disasters.

Read more:



flood disaster

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 11:38 AM on 10th January 2011

Comments (69) Added to My StoriesIt looks like a cross between Noah's Ark and something out of a 1970s science-fiction film.

The futuristic Ark Hotel has been designed to withstand floods caused by rising sea levels.

The floating behemoth is a 'biosphere' conceived as a safe, self-contained haven in case of disaster.

Boasting a green, self-sustaining environment for guests, the shell-shaped hotel would withstand tidal waves and other natural disasters.

Futuristic: The Ark Hotel has been designed to withstand floods caused by rising sea levels, boasts a green, self-sustaining environment for guests, and would withstand tidal waves and other natural disasters

Architects say the Ark's shell-like construction of arches and cables evenly distribute weight so it is also invulnerable to earthquakes.

The design uses solar panels and a rainwater collection system to provide inhabitants with power and water.

The greenhouse-like environment also provides for lush vegetation to help with air quality and provide food sources.

Because of the see-through structure enough daylight is filtered through internal rooms to reduce the need for lighting.

And to ensure quality of light, the frame is protected with a self-cleaning layer.

Biosphere: The design, which uses solar panels and a rainwater collection system to provide inhabitants with power and water, can be adapted to work on both land and water

At sea: The see-through structure allows enough daylight to be filtered through to reduce the need for lighting

The Ark has been designed by Russian firm Remistudio with the assistance of the International Union of Architects' program Architecture For Disaster Relief.

Alexander Remizov, of Remistudio, said: 'For architecture there are two major concerns.

'The first is maintenance of security and precautions against extreme environmental conditions and climate changes. The second one is protection of natural environment from human activities.

'The Ark is an attempt to answer the challenges of our time.

'Provision is made for an independent life support system.

'All the plants are chosen according to compatibility, illumination and efficiency of oxygen producing, and with the aim of creating an attractive and comfort space.

'Through the transparent roof there is enough light for plants and for illuminating the inner rooms.'

Eco-zone: The Ark has been designed by Russian firm Remistudio with the assistance of the International Union of Architects' program Architecture For Disaster Relief

Read more:

Bob Jones 2011

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Word from Bob Jones

The year 2009 was the year of the OX. We plowed repeatedly. It seemed that all we did was plow and there was no or little reaping. We became exhausted with all the plowing. We even became discouraged and sometimes wondered if we had missed God. But God was plowing out things in us and the Body at large so He could use them. There had to been a cultivated soil so that seed that was planted would grow.

That year is over. The year 2010 is the year of the EAGLE. This year vision is carried and it begins to grow. This is the time to get the Word of the Lord out of our mouths as much as possible so it can bear fruit. The eagle has a protection on it that allows it to fly into the sun. Our country (the eagle is our symbol) has a protection on her if we fly into the Son. This year healing will arrive. You will begin to see some incredible miracles, and you will begin to be recipients and do incredible miracles.

The year 2011 is the year of the LION. That speaks of authority. Christians will walk in the authority of God like they have not been walking. We have the same authority that Jesus had on earth. We can do the same acts that He did. In John 14:12 the Lord says we will do even greater acts that He did.

The year 2012 is the year of MAN. The new man in God will begin to be seen. This speaks of unity in the Body, the Jews and Gentiles coming together, the world seeing a different type of Christian. This new Christian walks in love and power!

Though there will be revival pockets before 2013, it will become full scale in 2013. We're talking world wide revival. ( Remember Tim McClellan's prophecy over Jason Hubbard and Jon Hammil?)

Judgments are coming to the Body. Some of them are not for us, but we must trust in God or they will overcome us. The devastation of many others judgments can be reduced by us

1. Severe anxiety--We're not entitled to have this judgment; it belongs to the world. We are supposed to have the Answer to show to others who are very anxious.

2. Fear--This comes from having a big devil and a small God. People will die from anxiety and fear (e.g. heart attacks, suicide, etc.) Our faith needs to be anchored on Jesus, not what the news commentators tell us. In fact, many newscasters are witches putting curses on their viewers and listeners.

3. Depression and self pity--You cannot have your way, but God will have His way. Get over yourself and grow up. Stop living in poverty of spirit.

4. Financial collapse

5. Nicolaitan spirit--This spirit is condemned by the Lord in Rev. 2:6 (church at Ephesus) and in Rev. 2:15 (church at Pergamum). This spirit has victory over or rules over the people. It's the pastor (and sometimes other leaders in the church) being on a different, higher level than the people. The Lord says in Revelation that He hates this spirit, to repent of it, and that He will come against it with the sword of His mouth. The reign of the pastor over the entire church is coming to an end. There will be a community of believers with their various giftings operating. Everyone will be important.

Bob added that it was not necessarily so that the woman would come along side the man and together they would be successful. Wherever he has gone to speak in the United States, it has been the women who have shown hunger for God--about 85% to 15%. It could very well be that the men will come along side the women and be successful.

6. Plagues coming to crops. Bob saw fleas hit the fruit in Florida and wipe out the crop. There will be new viruses and new infections. The medical community will have no answers. These plagues will promote fear everywhere, but we do not have to buy into it. Don't pray to God for help. He's already given us the authority over plagues, but we must rise up and use our authority. Bob gave an example of a virus that hit North and South Carolina a few years back. It killed many people and there was no medicine to stop it. The church pleaded with God to help them.

Then the Lord told Bob in an angry voice that He wasn't going to pull the virus back; He had already given the church authority to do that. So Bob and Rick Joyner came against the virus in the name of Jesus and cast out the curse over the two states. After that, not one person died of the virus.

Watch Iceland. The Lord told Bob years ago that Iceland would be the barometer of what was happening and about to happen both in the U.S. and in the world. The volcano action there is a sign that God is shutting down the world economy. Three years ago Iceland went bankrupt. That's in our future, too. However, how long these things last is determined by us, the Christians.

Let God's shaking only shake out that which is not of Him in you. That way the Christ in you can grow up.