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Reply BruecePhori
7:36 AM on June 1, 2017 
Трейдинг - банковский термин, означающий продажу и последующую покупку тех же акций, ссылка на сайт для заработка в расчете на получение прибыли за счет изменения их курсовой стоимости
Reply Lorensag
9:27 AM on May 6, 2017 
Представьте себе гардероб, в котором собрано более 2 000 000 модных товаров: мужская, женская и детская платье, обувь и аксессуары.
Вы можете читать в него в любое время и обещать с бесплатной доставкой всё, сколько понравится. Это беспричинно просто!Заходи и не пожалеешь!
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Reply Hepzibah Mary
8:52 AM on April 27, 2017 
I had a friend and he was my dearest and best friend. There was great love and understanding between us. We were there for each other. I loved him greatly and still love him. He means a lot to me. But in January we had a small misunderstanding and since then he has stopped talking to me. I tried many times to set things right between us but he is adamant. He ignores all my messages and it has greatly affected me. He is the only friend I have. I miss him greatly. I am emotionally disturbed. I have been praying to God to give him back to me. I humbly request you to pray for me ? for my friend to understand. He also needs emotional and physical healing. He is very sick.
Reply VeneraRhisy
7:34 PM on March 13, 2017 
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Мне понравились эти советы, потому что они очень эффективны.
Перед тем, как познакомиться с основными средствами для подтяжки лица в домашних условиях,
нужно изучить основные запреты, нарушение которых может привести к усугублению ситуации
с обвисанием кожи...
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Reply teri
9:11 AM on March 7, 2017 
Please pray for Bruce Gage to be saved and for all fear, depression and any suicidal thoughts to leave.
For him to feel the love of God for him and to have great peace, even in a less than desirable situation. Thank you!
Reply Rubennuppy
2:24 PM on February 4, 2017 
Reply Danielarrom
5:47 PM on January 25, 2017 
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Reply gery
4:52 AM on October 26, 2016 
Our Father in Heaven please help me to get out from all my poverty and debt curse,all my bad luck or spirit curse, i believe that and prayers can move mountains and create real change in my life in the name of Christ Jesus. Amen
Reply Sarah Ward
6:28 PM on September 29, 2016 
Hello please could you pray for my amazing Dad Jeffrey who has recently found out he has asbestos cancer which is both inoperable and incurable he needs healing from this terminal illness and needs to know God more as he prays but feels no one listens help him to know God hears him and for him to be restored to full health thank you very much
Reply Bonnie Kidd
9:16 PM on September 7, 2016 
Please pray for me name Bonnie pray God would lead me and guide me and help me and show me were to move and live because were I live has become very bad and drugs and it is terrible place to live i can't live around this anymore i need peace and miracle for my life prayers for mercy and forgiveness and peace for my life prayers for God to take away all my fears and anxieties and stress Prayers for God to put Godly man for my life and share my love and heart and live for the Lord prayers for my daughter maria and jamie her new boyfriend jamie needs salvation prayers for my grown sons Derek and joshua and kris unspoken prayers for salvation and to love each other and respect each other prayers for my friend Libby she is older lady who needs to move to safer place prayers for my friend Richard and his elderly Mother prayers for Michael Anthony salvation quit his lying to me and everyone else prayers for peace and safety and to open doors for me and guide me and help me out of here ty